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It's jazz but it's not. It's dance but it's not. It's ambient but its not. It's organic, mechanized, organized sound.

NorthStation is a collaboration between jazz trumpet player and composer Derek Banach and sound artist/producer Jeremiah Moore. A melding of warm, organic, acoustic sonority with sampled and resampled mechanized timebase. Threads of technology and broad landscapes of subtly processed ambience.

As a collaboration, Northstation is a meeting of two artists coming from different backgrounds and having different methods. Derek comes to the project well versed in harmony, melody and arrangement, a student of jazz tradition with a well developed voice on the trumpet. Jeremiah has immersed himself in the world of sound synthesis and manipulation. Both have one foot in the world of pop, and one in the world of experimentalism. Derek is interested in embracing electronics and pursuing alternate directions in jazz, while, after years of saturation with electronics, Jeremiah finds himself attracted to the expressive warmth of acoustic instrumentation. Northstation has become a vehicle for both artists to develop their independent visions, as well as to create a new whole.

Since the pair began meeting at Jeremiah's studio in early 1997, an aesthetic has emerged based on vibe before virtuosity, openness, and a sense of space.

Jazz composer and trumpeter Ron Miles said of the recording:

"Lovely melodies, interesting harmonies, always engaging textures, swinging grooves...

For this listener, the grooves are central to the whole mix. They show a love not only for hip-hop and other contemporary drum styles, but also for pre-mechanized grooves. There is always that sense of forward-motion that is so much a part of American improvisational music, and a great deal of care has been taken in trying to find that elusive balance between composition and improvisation.

The creators of this record have given us a gift. It's exciting to witness the debut of musicians with so much potential to significantly add to our creative landscape."

Ron Miles, November 1999

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